Meet & Greet: 
We invite you and your dog(s) to come to our house to meet Lindsey and Penelope, the resident senior pup. You will get to see Shelter Me Home's facilities and set up. This includes where your dog will be playing, sleeping, and living during their time with us. A meet and greet is required prior to any scheduled boarding or day camp and is offered at no cost to you.
*Rabies certificate/proof of rabies vaccination is required upon or prior to meet & greet.
Overnight Boarding (In-home/cage free):
Rates start at $55/night for adult dogs and $60/night for puppies under 1 year. Discounts offered for multi-dog families!!
Your dog(s) will have access to the first floor of our home and our fenced yard. They will be treated and cared for as if they are one of the family. There will be access to safe and appropriate dog toys, dog crates, dog beds, and even a couch for doggie relaxation.  In the event that your dog prefers to have alone time, we have gates and appropriate separators, OR a separate room entirely, for your dog.
Doggie Day-Camp:
Rates start at $5/hour for 1 dog. Discounts offered for multi-dog families!!
Day Camp can be utilized for day trips, extra stimulation and exercise for your dog, or simply fun socialization with humans and other dogs. During day camp, they will enjoy a safe and healthy atmosphere full of fun and interaction. Dogs can participate in playtime with other dogs, gnaw on a favorite toy, play ball, hang out with the human, or just lounge around. Treat your dog with a day at our doggie-day camp and they will return home relaxed and satisfied!
*Client Forms:
 Dog Questionnaire:
Client Agreement:
Shelter Animal Consultation & Adoption Assistance
Initial Consultation: $25
During which, we will try to determine what kind of companion animal, breed, age, gender, temperament, etc., may be a good fit for you, your family, and your home. We will also discuss the different shelters in the area, and other helpful information.
Guided Shelter Visits & Adoption Assistance: $25/hr
You will be escorted to one, two, or all 3 of the Pittsburgh area's largest and most successful shelters. You will have the opportunity to meet with potential pets based on the information gathered during your initial consultation, and assisted with the process of adoption if you find your match!


Enrichment Day-Care Visits & Follow-Up/Transition Services: $40/hr
After adopting your new pet, you may need some additional support or have some questions. With these follow-up services, you can rest assured that your furry baby will become acclimated to your home in no time at all!   
-1 Hour Session may include (but is not limited to):
Feeder and Treat Puzzle Games, Olfactory Enrichment, Auditory Enrichment, Physical Enrichment and Exercise, Settling and Relaxation Time, and Socialization (with people and other animals!)
These activities can be used as Transition Support, Enrichment, and Stimulation activities reaching all 5 senses! 

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