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Lindsey Gibson
[Owner/Manager of Shelter Me Home
Animal Lover, Rescuer, Pet Owner]
"After many years of doing more "traditional" jobs, I followed my passion back to devoting myself to animals, and started working and volunteering in Pittsburgh shelters. I have been back in the animal world since 2012, and I love it more than I could have imagined. I truly feel as though I am fulfilling my life purpose when working with animals."

"I always knew I wanted to work with animals. At one point I thought I might try to become a Veterinarian, but with the amount of schooling and the cost involved, that just wasn't for me. I knew I was pretty nuts about animals from early on, but I finally decided to fully embrace it , professionally. Growing up where I did in Clarion County with acres and acres of domestic and wild animals all around, I can remember loving and obsessing over animals of all kinds from the time I was a little girl barely walking or talking. In fact, most of my dearest friends were animals! We even had a baby squirrel at one point that we fed from a bottle until he was big enough to get safely released into the state park nearby. We did these kinds of things pretty frequently, it was just normal for my family. There were always dogs around to learn from, and play with! And puppies or kittens being born at some friend or family member's house. Or someone that needed a stray cat wrangled into a carrier because it suddenly showed up on their back porch and they needed to take it to the local vet or shelter. I was the girl they called (alongside my mom, of course, when I was too little to be on my own)! But for some reason, I always just understood animals. And they understood me. It's an amazing thing to have a connection with something that speaks no words."


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